Why Choose Data Poize

Secure your Data with Albion Datasafe!

Albion Datasafe is one sure shot solution for all your data backup problems. This data backup software provides you unlimited cloud storage facility. With Albion Datasafe, you can easily save your valuable company data from any losses due to hardware failure, harmful viruses, accidental deletion or natural calamities. It also enables you to automate your data backup at the time of relocation. In short, this automatic online backup software helps to keep your crucial data secure. Through, Albion Datasafe, you can protect your data (files, music, videos, photos or any other documents). You just need to take backup of your files to our secure servers.

Albion Datasafe saves your vital business and personal data

This premier cloud backup service plays a very important role in keeping both online and offline data safe on cloud server. Albion Datasafe automatically updates whatever changes you make in your stored data. Moreover, it securely sends the backup online or through other network connections to your online backup server offsite. Once you buy this data backup software, you can obtain online backup on-demand.

Get assured data protection during natural calamities

Albion Datasafe assures you data protection at the time of natural calamities. For complete data security, it encrypts its backups with your chosen robust cryptographic method. Once you buy this data backup software, you won’t face any problems posed to you during natural calamities like fire, earthquake or flood. It is even effective at the time of emergencies.

Albion Datasafe serves as a vital software tool

This vital software tool re-evaluates your computer system thus, adding files to the backup as needed. There are various complete copies of significant files, videos and pictures that are stored using a complex version system. Besides, Albion Datasafe easily and efficiently restores any of your computer files up to any given point in time. It becomes quite easy to use version control system with this data backup software. What makes Albion Datasafe unique is its unlimited cloud storage feature. You can work with unlimited storage by using cloud-based folders.

Thus, this cloud computing software resolves all your data backup problems through effective online storage solutions it offers to you. Enjoy freedom from all your data backup problems with Albion Datasafe!