For Business

Backup your important files to an FTP server, email account or network drive.

Keeping a copy of your most important files in a remote location is the only way to be sure that you can retrieve them in the event of theft, fire or other unexpected event.

It's easy! Simply drag your files or folders into the app, select a backup location, and you're done. We support the most popular FTP backup services, free email providers, network locations and removable drives. We have suggestions and presets for popular services built in!


  • Full and Incremental backup types
  • Backup to any local, network or removable drive
  • Backup to any SMTP email account, including popular free web services
  • Backup to any FTP server
  • Restore from local drives or FTP automatically
  • Compress your files with ZIP compression
  • Encrypt with up to 448 bit AES, Blowfish or Serpent encryption
  • Schedule daily, weekly or monthly backups
  • Runs in the background to ensure scheduled backups are executed
  • Automatically runs any missed schedules when you turn on your computer
  • Detailed history
  • Import and export backups with restore information
  • Group backups and delete old backups
  • Queue multiple backups at once