Cloud Backup

cloud backupDataPoize comes with a client that connects to DataPoize server with a specified storage. DataPoize guarantees 24x7 availability and high level of physical and logical security of customer data.


  • Full Incremental and Differential Backup Options
  • Full and Selective Restoration Option (File extension, mailbox)
  • Runs in the Background mode, without effecting your work
  • Compresses files before backup to save Internet bandwidth
  • Encrypt data using up to 4096- bit keys, ensuring access to data owners only
  • Works on trusted DataPoize Technologies, which is already protecting than half a million


  • Backup file of any type of size
  • Real-time monitoring across backup sets
  • Backup Windows System State
  • Protects Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP
  • Active notifications via email or Windows event log
  • Comprehensive reports for performance tuning and regulatory compliance