disaster recovery service Disaster Recovery in the cloud is a new & revolutionary concept. Data backup and recovery on cloud is a key component of DataPoize DR-as-a-Service one of DataPoize's stalwart products related to data security and high availability. Enterprises are increasingly choosing DataPoize DR-as-a-Service to safeguard business critical data and increase operational efficiencies by automating backup procedure, improving data recovery, and cutting infrastructure, storage devices, and administrative costs.
recover cloud database It can be an attractive alternative for companies that may be strapped for IT resources because the usage-based cost of cloud services is well suited for Disaster Recovery where the off-site infrastructure is parked and stay idle most of the time. Having DR sites in the cloud reduces the need for data center setup, IT infrastructure and man resources, which leads to significant cost reductions, enabling small and medium enterprises to deploy disaster recovery options that were previously only found in larger enterprises.